Love is a Charm

Love is a charm

It never chooses its captives

It doesn’t know the seasonsGBWA-20180214135022.jpg

Unpredictable just like the future

Paralyzing our feelings to its rhythm

The thoughts of holding each other

At mind and at heart always

Cherishing those sweet moments

Hallucinations and daydreaming

Are its mind games

The sweet feeling of sleeping on his arm

And waking up at each other’s side

The feeling of your love being engulfed with charms

Ooh how sweet to love you

And just then it withdraws its venom

At the pick, it leaves its captivesOppo Mmall 20171004_075018.jpg

Waiting for the opportune time to strike

The love charm circle.vinipedroza_san___BlYsUTpFdVt___.jpg 



If my inkpot still lived on

You would fill the pages of my lifeGBWA-20180618194036

I could write the beauty of your presence in my life

I could write off those fascinating moments we spent together

I could write the beauty of the world I see in your eyes..,

I could write of the beauty of your neck, hair, the helm of your beauty

I could write of the loving words abundant in my heart

I could write the love story of our life

If I could fill my ink pot…

If my hand could still write

If only I could write…I would fill my ink pot


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The Definition of the Ten Humanity Qualities of Life.

The special feeling that makes you feel all warm and wonderful. It becomes useless when not shared with those close and around us, regardless of the race and ethnicity.

Treating others as well as you would like to be treated.
To be grateful for all the good things life has to offer.
The full enjoyment of each moment. A smiling face.
The ability to let things be without anger. Harmony under all circumstances, not letting line of division in your life
The joy of giving without thought of receiving.
The quality of always telling the truth.
The purity of doing what’s right, no matter what.
The essence of feeling another’s pain while easing their hurt.
The reward for living the 10 most important things. Following the qualities of humanity, and enjoying a sweet life of harmony.

Cinderella Story (With A Twist). 

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 I came across a fairy tale,

A story about Cinderella,

But with a twist


In this fairy tale

Cinderella was still poor,

But she didn’t sit by a window

And sing about Prince charming waiting for him to rescue her


Instead, she worked hard

Did part time jobs

And studied hard

That she might rescue herself


In this fairy tale,

Cinderella attended the ball

With a gown and a charriot

But not like the one from the fairy godmother


Her ball took place in the boardroom

And her corner office

Where she drove  to, each day

In a BMW cashed from her bank account

Her gown,  a meticulously tailored suit

And a striking pair of heels


In this fairy tale,

Cinderella  met her prince charming

Only that this time

He came with his Kingdom


She, with her Queendom

And together they formed a dynasty


This is a fairy tale about a girl

who realized that beyond her pretty face and shiny blonde hair

Is a brain with a reservoir of  knowledge and talent

And the ability to achieve the impossible


And this is the kind of fairy tale I’ll read to my daughter(s)

Of Cinderella breaking the glass ceiling

and shattering it to pieces


 Written by

Koome Ivy

Adorned Woman Kenya

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Should I
Wait for you
Or should I move on
And transform
This love that I feel
Into hate for you?

Should I
Wait for you
Or is he the one?
Should I
Preserve this heart
Till when the two of you are done?
Should I
Still harbor dreams
Of you giving me a daughter and a son?
Or is he the man to father your young???

Should I panic
When I flip through your WhatsApp
And see him as your profile pic?

Should I still remain optimistic
Even when he buys you flowers
And takes you out on candle lit dinners
Trying to be all romantic?

Kila saa nikialikwa rave
And chicks try to hit on me
Nijiachilie or should I behave
In the hopes that one day you and I will be
Ama the two of you will be that tight to the grave?

Should I keep faith
Even when he fucks up
But you still accord him another chance?

Should I still keep my cool
Even when I see him taking you for a fool
And he no longer protects
But violates you with those hands?

Should I quit trying
To wipe away your tears
When he hurts you my dear
And your poor self can’t stop crying

I got some flowers right here
Just in case you knock at my door
I will be more than ready to meet you

I saw you the other day
But mlikuwa pamoja
So I couldn’t really greet you
But I made sure I blew a kiss your way

You the one for me
Even though it will take a while
Nlikupea namba
And I understand you unsure whether to make that dial
I fall deep in to slumber
Fantasizing about you mesmerizing smile
Wengi waliniambia love is a journey
Just know that for you am ready to go that extra mile